Whistleblowers are crucial to exposing wrongdoing and essential for democracy. Their information can be the final lead that sparks an investigation or provide the key piece of those evidences that solidifies existing findings. We are always keen to hear from whistleblowers and will always protect the identity if the whistleblower, if you, want to remain anonymous.

Our ongoing investigations into the global binary options scam, major hygiene and animal welfare breaches in slaughterhouses around the world and the mistreatment of patients in the health sector all started with whistleblowers. Insiders leaking information were also integral to previous investigative series such as those on political party fundraising or the police handling of rape reports.

Here is a guide to leaking us information. With options for covering your tracks if you are worried about being identified. None of the methods listed here are failsafe … but some offer a level of protection that is hopefully what you are looking for.

By email

You can send an email to or to an individual staff member. Bear in mind that normal emails can be traced and hacked, even if you set up a new account using a fake name. BUT: you can open up an account at an email provider like hotmail (better than gmail for things like that) and send this mal from a public WIFI!

By encrypted email

WORLDBLOG uses PGP, a popular system for encrypting emails. If you send emails using PGP then the sender and recipient addresses remain visible but the content of the message is finally encrypted.

To send us an encrypted email you need to set up PGP on your email account. It may seem complicated, but the browser extension Mailvelope (and this guide) provides help. There are also how-to guides for Windows and Mac OS X than can be found here and here.