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EXCLUSIVE: Even the strongest chains might break. Is A Tsunami Approaching Amazon?

On March 19th it´s been reported that the first worker at a warehouse of Amazon got infected. This might sound not bad as it´s supposed to be just one. But you must take a look from above at the whole picture!

And this view is bad!

At the moment there are no containers coming from China to bring all the nice stuff Amazon sells. The ports are empty according to an article from the Wall Street Journal a few days ago.

The Magazin Motherboard has published an article with a statement from Barbara Maynard, a spokesperson for the Teamsters International Ports Division, which organizes truck drivers and port workers handling Amazon products:

“There has been a tremendous slowdown at our ports. It was picking up again a little, but it’s going to drop off again. At any moment our borders and ports could be closed. There’s a tremendous amount of fear among workers we organize who handle Amazon products.”

Further on Amazon ist getting rid of a ton of independent delivery companies as they are “unable to meet the standards”

And if we take a deeper look how amazon protects their workers we might come to the conclusion that this picture looks bas as well according to an article from Buzzfeed.

The magazin Vice / Motherboard had spoken to Amazon logistics and labour experts  a few days ago about Amazon Prime and if there might problems showing up. And the answer was :

It’s only a matter of time before Amazon Prime’s signature two-day delivery promise faces serious delays, mistakes, and widespread shortages due to increased demands from consumers, pressure on workers to meet rising production quotas, restrictions on trade, and the possibility of fulfillment centers being shut down as coronavirus spreads.

Social distancing as we need it is just not possible at Amazon.


Amazon is feeling pressure from different directions. Increased demand from consumers, a very real potential of corona spreading through the warehouses, and massive supply chain interruptions.

And there´s more. Amazon might already be a superspreader as SARS-CoV-2 can survive on cardboards for a longer period of time. According to studies from China it can survive up to 9 days on surfaces. According to an article from the MIT it can survive for up to 24 hours on surfaces. Even if we take the middle this sounds bad.


With this being said it would be extremely important that all the workers follow strict safety rules, but the reality looks different according to Tim Shadix, legal director at the Warehouse Worker Resource Center, which organizes Amazon warehouse workers in Southern California:

“Workers have said before that performance pressures make it difficult for some people to follow safety rules and take bathroom breaks. You have to wonder how people will slow down and wash their hands, especially delivery drivers who are out in the field.”

And in the end we will let you think about all of this as an example for interruptions of supply chains with the following article. But Jeff Bezos said it “was part of a prearranged trading plan”. So we are sure that this has noting to do with the actual crisis! We leave it to you to think something different.


Take this as an example how severe the interruptions in global supply chains might be in the end! With Amazon as example as a company ruling the world of online sales. In times of this pandemic even he strongest chain might break.


This was an article from Michael Bloomberg, worldblog

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