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Temperature anomalies by country

Why you need to care about #climate #change – now

Natural #disasters are increasing dramatically all over the world. Now, Antti Lipponen, research scientist at the Finnish #Meteorological Institute, has published a video showing the #global increase in #natural #disasters. If not shocking and alarming, then what?

Important: Watch until the end, because the end is what will be interesting !


Changes are breeding intense weather

Hotter air increases the ocean evaporation. A warmer atmosphere holds more water, and this intensifies the weather events around the globe.

Heatwaves get stronger and storm surges rise much higher. Blizzards bring more snowfall in some regions. The number of natural disasters has more than tripled since 1970 and 90 percent of the disasters are weather related.

Such changing conditions have dramatic consequences for everybody on this planet. The coral reefs are dying globally and the forests are crumbling. Arctic animals, such as polar bears, are losing the sea ice they call their home and will disappear from our earth soon in the future.

We feel the effects as well. Not just the polar bear. Climate change threatens the agriculture worldwide, our health, the water supply, infrastructure and much more. We need to take action. Now before it´s too late.

And finally … no part of the world is immune!

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