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Artificial Intelligence

10 Artificial Intelligence Trends

The world seems to be going in the direction of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in high speed!

Here are 10 Artificial Intelligence Trends that have been highlighted by PriceWaterhouseCoopers  (PwC).

Trend #1: The Deep Learning Theory

The ability for deep neural #networks to learn unsupervised and make sense of image, #audio and textdata that is unstructured or/and unlabelled

Trend #2: Capsule Networks

This is a type of a neural network that has the ability to process #data in a visual manner and construct deep hierarchical #relationships

Trend #3: Deep Reinforcement Learning (#DRL)

DLR is where a neural network has the ability to learn by engaging with the environment through #observations, #actions and #rewards. DRL is popular type of Artificial Intelligence.  Often used in business applications and gaming. For example “AlphaGo” developed by Googles #Alphabet. It plays the board game “Go” and beats the current human champion!

Trend #4: Generative Adversarial Networks (#GAN)

GAN is an unsupervised deep learning method that results in 2 competing neural networks. These networks continually improve their respective roles over time:

  • Generator. It creates a copy of the real #data
  • Discriminator. It reads and processes real #data

Trend #5: Lean & Augmented Data Learning

The current challenge with #machinelearning is having enough data to train the system. This is managed by the following:

  • To producing more data
  • To transfer models trained to complete tasks and moving those to other tasks with no or little prior learning experience

Trend #6: Probabilistic Programming

This is a programming language that allows developers to define a probability model and then goes about solving this specified probability model.

Trend #7:  Hybrid Learning Models

Hybrid Learning models are different types of deep neural networks. With various probability approaches (perhaps humans) to come up with hybrid solutions that make the most of both!

Trend #8:  Automated Machine Learning

Automated Machine Learning is an automated workflow that makes use of various statistical and #deeplearning methods.

Trend #9: Digital Twin

Digital Twin is a virtual model that can provide #in-depth information and monitoring of physical or psychological systems

Trend #10: Explainable Artificial Intelligence

This is a machine-learning-technique providing further explanation around why the machine reached the conclusion that it has.


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