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Trump 2020 or not?

Donald Trump. President today but will he still be President of the United States in 2021? Are the Midterm Elections just a Referendum on Donald Trump?

Nobody knows. But one thing is clear. The midterms are important. Local issues have always mattered and will always. Policies from the Republican Congress — like the tax overhaul or the push for health care repeal — things like these might be powerful motivators for many American voters.

What candidates make the Democrats beeing excited?

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, the Democratic socialist.

Andrew Gillum, the Democratic nominee for governor in the state of #Florida;

Stacey Abrams. She tries to become the nation’s first black female governor, in the Georgia race.

And what candidates make the Republicans beeing excited?

Senator Claire McCaskill. He tries to fend off Josh Hawley, the 38-year-old state attorney general.

Senator Bill Nelson from Florida is facing Gov. Rick Scott, a wealthy businessman.


And here are the Midterm Power Rankings

(as per October 5th 2018)

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